Soap Pillow Pack - Multiple Soap Pack

Easy Flow M: (Combo Pack of 1Kg and 2 Kg)

  • Fully Automatic medium production speed horizontal flow wrap machine which produces combo pack of four or five soaps as well as individual packs of laundry soap and similar products with three side sealing from a roll of heat sealable wrapping material. This machine is very useful for quick change-over and to pack vast range of products.
  • This machine is fitted with servo controlled strait feed smart conveyors which can be directly linked with stamper, finishing line or extruder. Soap travels on conveyors almost entire packing process. That's why this machine is excellent for softer soaps as well.
  • This machines is most suitable for wrapping 1Kg or 2Kg laundry soap. This machine is also suitable for packing bigger trays.