Standard Flow Wrap - Easy Flow-200

Easyflow 200:
  • Fully Automatic high production speed horizontal Pillow machine provided with duplex crimpers (cross sealers), static long sealer for higher speed which can pack a variety of solid products of different shapes and sizes with three side sealing from a roll of heat sealable wrapping material. This machine is very useful for high production speed.
  • This machine can be fitted with smart conveyors, automatic high speed card feeder and autofeeder magazines depending upon the nature of product.
  • This machine can pack cookies, buns, muffins, scrubber pads, mosquito repellant coils, paper cards, battery separators, ice cream or similar products. With a little modification This machine can be modified to pack a number of other products as well. Feeding in this machine is manual.
  • This machine can be fitted with Automatic Tray Loading (ATL) and filling mechanism.
  • This machine can be fitted with complete automatic line.
  • This machines is most suitable for wrapping smaller products at higher speed such as biscuits, cookies, chocolate bars, cereal, snack bars, cakes, muffins and similar other food products.
  • Stainless Steel version is also available for pharmaceutical, food and other similar products.
  • Two-axis and three axis servo model is also available.